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HP Pavilion G4 G6 G4T G6T G7 G7T Laptop CPU Cooling Fan AMD

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 Condition : 100% NEW & Genuine !

Electronic Data :  DC5V 0.4A
Connection :3-Wires / 3-pins
Warranty: *** 1 Year (1 to 1 Exchange) ***
SMS   : 014 7017590 ( Tan )
Email :
Part Numbers:
643364-001              XS10N05YF05V-BJ002 
595832-001 597780-001 646578-001
606573-001 609229-001 KSB06105HA(-9H1X)
DFS53II05MC0T FAR1200EPA MF75120V1-C050-S9A
Fit in Models:
For HP Compaq Laptop CPU Cooling Fan AMD
HP Pavilion G4T Series
HP Pavilion G6T Series
HP Pavilion G4 Series
Pavilion G4-1015dx
Pavilion G4-1104dx
Pavilion G4-1117dx
Pavilion G4-1125dx
Pavilion G4-1204nr
Pavilion G4-1229dx
HP Pavilion G6 Series
Pavilion G6-1B59WM
Pavilion G6-1B71HE
Pavilion G6-1B39WM
Pavilion G6-1C58DX
Pavilion G6-1B60US
Pavilion G6-1D00
Pavilion G6-1B87CL
Pavilion G6-1b50us
HP Pavilion G7 Series
Pavilion G7-1000 Series
Pavilion G7-1001XX
Pavilion G7-1017CL
Pavilion G7-1019WM
Pavilion G7-1033CL
Pavilion G7-1051XX
Pavilion G7-1070US
Pavilion G7-1073NR
Pavilion G7-1075DX
Pavilion G7-1075NR
Pavilion G7-1076NR
Pavilion G7-1077NR
Pavilion G7-1078NR
Pavilion G7-1081NR
Pavilion G7-1083NR
Pavilion G7-1084NR
Pavilion G7-1085NR
Pavilion G7-1086NR
HP Pavilion G7-1100 Series
Pavilion g7-1113cl
Pavilion g7-1117cl
Pavilion g7-1139wm
Pavilion g7-1149wm
Pavilion g7-1150us
Pavilion g7-1153nr
Pavilion g7-1154nr
Pavilion g7-1156nr
Pavilion g7-1158nr
Pavilion g7-1167dx
Pavilion g7-1173dx
HP Pavilion G7-1200 Series
Pavilion g7-1219wm
Pavilion g7-1222nr
Pavilion g7-1227nr
Pavilion g7-1237dx
Pavilion g7-1255dx
Pavilion g7-1257dx
Pavilion g7-1260us
Pavilion g7-1261nr
Pavilion g7-1263nr
Pavilion g7-1264nr
Pavilion g7-1265nr
Pavilion g7-1269nr
Pavilion g7-1272nr
Pavilion g7-1273nr
Pavilion g7-1277dx
Pavilion g7-1279dx
Pavilion g7-1281nr
HP Pavilion G7-1300 Series
Pavilion g7-1310us
Pavilion g7-1311nr
Pavilion g7-1312nr
Pavilion g7-1314nr
Pavilion g7-1317cl
Pavilion g7-1320ca
Pavilion g7-1321nr
Pavilion g7-1322nr
Pavilion g7-1323nr
Pavilion g7-1329wm
Pavilion g7-1330ca
Pavilion g7-1316dx
Pavilion g7-1320dx
Pavilion g7-1326dx
Pavilion g7-1327dx
Pavilion g7-1328dx
Pavilion g7-1330dx
Pavilion g7-1333ca
Pavilion g7-1338dx
Pavilion g7-1340dx
Pavilion g7-1350dx
Pavilion g7-1355dx
Pavilion g7-1358dx
Pavilion g7-1365dx
Pavilion g7-1368dx
Pavilion g7-1374ca
HP Pavilion G7T Series
Pavilion G7T-1000 Series
Pavilion G7T-1000 CTO
Pavilion G7T-1100 Series
Pavilion G7T-1200 Series
Pavilion G7T-1300 Series

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